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What is chicory?
It's a totally natural product from a perennial plant, grown for centuries, cultivated mainly in northern Europe but also found in India, Africa, Florida and California (Cichorium intybus).
Is chicory used in salads?
Yes. The leaves of the chicory plant have long been popular as salad greens. Actually, chicory is a distant (but much tastier) relative of the common dandelion.

Is chicory still added to coffee?
Yes. Gourmets throughout Europe and the US have been mellowing coffee with chicory for generations. In fact, consumption of coffee and chicory has dramatically grown in popularity in recent years with several new brands and products on the market. The root of the chicory plant is sliced, kiln-dried, ground and roasted to a rich dark brown color, like coffee beans. When added to coffee, it adds body, aroma, color and mellowness.

Doesn't chicory make coffee bitter?
No. In fact, just the reverse is true. Chicory blended with coffee actually produces a smoother, more enjoyable cup of coffee, as proved by extensive blind taste tests among coffee drinkers. Chicory offsets what many refer to as "the bitter taste of coffee". Since chicory tends to darken coffee, this darkness has often been misconstrued as meaning the coffee will be bitter or "stronger".

Does chicory contain caffeine?
No, which means that if you drink a coffee blended with chicory, you actually reduce your caffeine intake without sacrificing enjoyable taste.

Is chicory expensive?
No, since it is highly soluble (70%) and very flavorful, adding chicory to ground coffee (only 20% soluble) lets you to brew the same pot of coffee with half as much ground roast coffee, making a delicious yet economical pot of coffee.

Can chicory be brewed by itself?
Yes, and it can be served hot or cold. It has a rich caramel flavor and leaves a semi-sweet pleasantly smooth after taste.

Are there other ways chicory can be used?
Yes. Chicory is a creative, versatile ingredient which adds flavor to other drinks. The chicory root is a common ingredient in herbal tea blends and, as an extract, (made by steeping ground roast chicory in boiling water, then straining), it can be used to add a dark rich color to soups, meats, gravies and dark breads.

Is chicory something new?
No. In fact, chicory dates back 4,000 years and was referred to in the days of Cleopatra and Napoleon. It was thought of not only as a beverage but as a vegetable, and praised for its medicinal-like effect on the digestive tract. Introduced to the American colonies by the governor of Massachusetts in 1785, it became a common household product - served as an herb beverage and as a hot or cold vegetable at mealtime. In recent years, it has been preferred as a caffeine-free beverage and as a great way to enhance, enrich and extend ground roast coffee.

Coffee and Chicory Mixtures
Measure out half the amount of coffee you'd ordinarily use to make a pot of coffee. Then add half that amount of chicory and brew. Example: If you ordinarily use one tablespoon of coffee per cup, you would use only 3 tablespoons of coffee, plus one and a half tablespoons of chicory to make six cups.

Hot Brewed Chicory
Chicory can be brewed right in your home coffeemaker. Simply use two to three tablespoons of ground roast chicory for each cup of hot brew desired. Vary the amount to suit your taste. Sweeten with sugar (brown or white) or honey; lighten with milk or cream.

Chicory Milk
Combine one measuring cup milk and one teaspoon chicory. Bring to a boil and let stand five minutes. Then strain and serve either hot or cold. Add sugar to taste.

Chicory Extract
Combine in a saucepan 3/4 cup ground roast chicory and 1-1/2 cups water. Bring to a boil and simmer three minutes. Remove from heat, let stand 15 minutes, strain. Store in covered jar in refrigerator. Use a teaspoon or two to flavor puddings and desserts. This extract makes an excellent coloring for gravies, stews, rye breads, or any dish to which you want to add a dark, rich color.

You may have heard about chicory as a healthy ingredient in dog food. Read on to find out what chicory is and how it benefits your dog. 

Dogs' digestive systems contain a balance of good and bad bacteria. (Human digestive systems are the same way). A healthy digestive system has more good bacteria in it than bad bacteria. Examples of good bacteria in the digestive system are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.  (Lactobacillus is an active ingredient in yogurt). Good bacteria assist in digestion, produce essential B-vitamins, and may help improve absorption of key vitamins and minerals. 

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